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Now what?

My kid just came out.
I love them,
but I believe
it’s a sin.
What do I do?

I may be in over my head.

I want to
support the
LGBTQ+ community.
I also pastor a church.
Can I do both?


I came out.
I’m still
a Christian.
But I have no support.
What do I do?


thursday, october 17, 2019

For I am

LGBTQ+ communities have seen a mixture of progress and continued discrimination nationally. Within religious spaces, some have welcomed LGBTQ+ people, while others have erected walls. Families continue to reject their children when they disclose their identities citing religious texts and church doctrine.

It’s quite common for queer people who grow up in more conservative, religious homes to experience exclusion and shame at higher rates. We believe this to be true here in Spokane. How do we know? Because we hear the stories and are getting to know the families. 

That’s exactly why we developed the non-profit, Wonderfully Made.

Branches, a local Spokane church, and Wonderfully Made invite you on Thursday, October 17, 2019 to attend For I am Wonderfully Made. A night of hearing from families and individuals who have navigated the church, queer Identities and who fully support the inclusion of queer people in our churches.


The Speakers


We seek to


those who have been hurt by the church.


the lgbtq+ community in our churches.


the lives of all people.



Meet us at the Bing

The Bing Crosby Theater

Located in the heart of downtown Spokane, WA, we have chosen to meet at the beautiful Bing Crosby Theater. Ticket sales are now available!